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Welcome all Castaways!

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November Rain in March!

jake slack les paul Getting tired of the sunshine? Probably not yet in March 😛 Jake has gifted us with another brilliant cover, this time Guns N Roses’ November Rain.

Wearing the right t shirt for the occasion, he absolutely nails Slash’s solo! Also a little bit jealous of the Les Paul…

Would you consider wearing the iconic that next time, Jake? Though honestly I don’t know how Slash keeps it from falling off.

What songs do you want to see Jake cover next??

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Jacob’s Message to Castaways

jacob swann message to fans Jacob wanted to share a short reassuring message with all the castaways in this very strange time we are all living in.

Jacob’s Message:

“Stay safe everyone 😉 Hopefully life will be back to normal soon”

I’d like to add:
I am sure you have heard it 100 times, but don’t forget these important tips:

  • Wash your hands regularly
  • stay 6 feet (2 meters) apart from other people if you’re venturing outside
  • if you have to cough, use a tissue (or your elbow if you’re stuck)
  • I’m planning to use this time stuck indoors to work on all the things I usually don’t get to. Like practicing guitar more, and organizing my room. What are you guys going to do with your free time?

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    Watch Tom’s Live Chat Here!

    Tom Abisgold Live ChatTom had a live chat and someone has kindly posted the video 🙂

    In this chat Tom mentions the Coronavirus. He says Noah is a bit concerned, because he is a hypochondriac. Don’t worry he doesn’t stay on that subject for long, I’m sure you’re all tired of hearing it.

    He also teases that there are a lot of exciting things coming up -but he can’t announce anything yet! He later mentioned that he hopes the band will perform in the US soon. May or may not be related. I’m hoping for an album tbh…

    Tom also chats about sports he likes (liked) playing. But you might as well watch the video rather than have me describe it to you:

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    Jake Slack is a Guitar Hero!

    jake slack eddie van halen coverNo I am not talking about the game. I am on about one of the videos Jake posted to his instagram where he does an incredible cover of the Beat It solo -originally written & performed by the absolute legend Eddie Van Halen!

    I love the song choice and the execution! If you haven’t heard it yet, check out the video below. What do you guys think??

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    Tom is Missing Rehearsals!

    chapter 13 rehearsalFor those of you that don’t follow Tom’s insta religiously (why not?), he posted a short clip from rehearsals.

    He is really missing getting to rehearse with Chapter 13 – as I’m guessing all of the band are!

    Right now it is most important for all of us to stay home and stay safe! I hope all you castaways (and your loved ones) are safe and healthy in these difficult times!

    What are you missing right now? Right now I’m missing seeing my friends, and getting to play sports :/

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    Jump! Listen to the Brand New Song!

    Dingwalls feels like a distant memory now -unfortunately! While we wait for news of more gigs, you can pass the time replaying videos of the show.

    I recommend this one, where they premiered a brand new song called Jump >>

    (the song starts 55 seconds in)

    What do you think of the song? Do you know all of the lyrics yet -or could you hear them over the crowd?

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    New Youtube Videos Coming Soon!

    The band have been teasing a lot about the new youtube videos they have on the way. They posted a short clip a couple of weeks ago of what looks like a cook-off, and then the picture (left) of them dressed up as super heroes.

    Have you got any ideas of what the new videos could be?