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noah keyName: Noah George Key
Birthday: 23rd December 2003
Star Sign: Capricorn
Height: Is 5’8″ (May 2020)
Shoe Size: Unknown
Siblings: Monty (little brother)
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Noah has appeared in several musicals Elf, School of Rock (obviously). Les Mis, The Sound of Music, and the X Factor spoof I Can’t Sing (as young Simon Cowell).
In 2013 played Gavroche for 6 months at the Queens Theatre on Shaftesbury Avenue
Went to Brockton Primary School
His parents names are Chris and Lucy
Has two dogs, one is called Dottie
Is probably the worst in the band at keeping secrets
The clumsiest of the band
Went to a 5SOS concert with Tom (bday present from Tom)
Likes Queen and the Beatles
His favourite Queen song is The Show Must Go On
He attended Wolverhampton Grammar School
His parents run the Key Theatre Academy
He can touch his nose with his tongue
He is afraid of mice
He can play three instruments
Radioactive is his favourite McFly album
Thinks the film Pete’s Dragon is very good

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