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Tom Abisgold

tom abisgoldName: Tom Alex Abisgold
Birthday: 8th January 2004
Star Sign: Capricorn
Height: 5’11” (May 2020) 5’7″ (July 2019)
Shoe Size: Unknown
Siblings: Older Sister, Jodie
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Played the title character in Bugsy Malone
Can play piano and guitar
Likes The 1975 and Blink 182
Safety Pin is one of his favourite songs he has written (he was 10/11)
When I Come Around is his favourite Green Day song
Really likes Lewis Capaldi’s voice
Favourite musical is Hamilton
Went to the second McBusted tour, loved it!
Doesn’t want to be a solo artist, he prefers being in a band
Favourite male artists include: Bruno Mars, Frank Ocean, Lewis Capaldi, Post Malone
Fave female artists: Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish, Alicia Keys, Lana Del Ray, KT Tunstall, Halsey
Favourite Blink 182 song is Rock Show
Wants play gigs in Brazil and Japan

Doesn’t really watch TV, mostly Netflix
Tom Holland is one of his favourite actors
His favourite superhero is Spiderman

His spirit animal is a Koala or an Otter
Has a female pet cat called Elvis
Is more of a cat person than a dog person

Geography is his favourite subject
Took Business, French, Music, and double Science for GCSE
Went to France on a school trip
The most intellectual of the group

Knows how to ride horses, but hasn’t done it since he was 8
Not sure whether ghosts are real
Is right-handed
Supports Liverpool F.C.
Is from Chester
He really likes cooking & baking
Can do a scouse accent
Would love to go to New York, LA, and South America (Jun 2019)
He loves Blackpool
Favourite colour is red
Nottingham was one of his favourite gigs of the Castaway tour

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