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Chapter 13 Has Broken Up

chapter 13 broken upAfter months of waiting and wondering what is going on. There is finally an official notice from the band. Unfortunately it is not good news:

hi everyone, hope you’re all doing okay and staying safe.
first of all, apologies for not posting or being in touch for so long, there has been quite a lot going on which i hope you’ll understand.
as you may already know, noah decided to leave the band a few months ago. following that the three of us talked and jake and jacob decided to leave chapter13 as well. we always said since the start that this band isn’t the band without one of us, let alone three. so i will not be continuing under chapter13.

i want to thank every single one of you who has shown us love and support these past 4 years from the bottom of my heart, it’s been an incredible and unforgettable journey made better in every way because of you.

thank you isn’t enough, take care and stay safe everyone. hope to see all of you very soon.
tom x

Jake also had a message to share with fans of the band:

hi everyone,
Following the statement that Tom released yesterday on the @chapter13 account, I wanted to say that i’ve had a lot of fun over the last 4 years with my best mates making music and connecting with all the fans out there! You guys are incredible!
now it’s time for the next phase and I can’t wait to share with you some exciting plans for what’s coming next…. J🖤

A message form Jacob:

hi everyone,
it’s been a very long time since I’ve posted anything on here so this feels kind of weird. I’m sure you all know the news about chapter 13 so I wanted to just say that the last 4 years have been very meaningful to me and I had a lot of wicked times playing music with my best mates. I think for many reasons there just came a point where it was right to end. You guys always showed us amazing support and I can’t thank you enough for that. I’m really looking forward to the future and I’ll definitely try to be more active on here. Cheers everyone 😉

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Noah Has Left Chapter 13

Noah Key Chapter 13 Phone WallpaperNoah has made the decision to move on from Chapter 13. Wishing you all the best in the future Noah!

This could be part of the reason the group have been so quiet on social media. In his post he says he left Chapter 13 months ago.

This is the announcement he made on Instagram:

Hi everyone 🙂 it’s been a while! I just wanted to let you all know that earlier on this year I made the decision to leave Chapter 13. I am so grateful for the opportunities and experiences I have had with the band, but ultimately it became clear that being in the band wasn’t the right thing for me and my mental health which is why things came to an end. I cannot thank you all enough for the support you have given us over the last 4 years, I loved performing for you and meeting as many of you as I did. It’s a big change but I’m really looking forward to what’s next for me as a drummer, whatever that is. Thanks again Noah x

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Watch Distraction Live at The Grace

distraction live at the graceAfter releasing the behind the scenes ‘get ready with me’ style video yesterday, a new video has been released!

In this one you can watch Chapter 13 perform Distraction live at their most recent gig, The Grace. As much as it sucked that old videos of their live performances were taken down, it is great that they are starting to release professional quality videos of their newer performances.

If you feel like singing along, you can get Distraction Lyrics here.

What song do you want them to release the video for next?

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The Grace: First Gig Of 2022

chapter 13 2022 gigAre you going to Chapter 13s first show of the year? It is almost here! They will be playing at The Grace in London this Wednesday (March 9th)!

Don’t worry if you haven’t got tickets yet they are still available here:

The doors open at 19:00, and tickets cost £16.

I think the band are just as excited as the fans for this one.

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2021 Heartbreak Takeaway

chapter 13 heartbreak takeaway photo shootThere are new Heartbreak Takeaway photo shoot pictures in the gallery. Everything that hasn’t made it into the gallery yet is being added. There are more photo shoot pictures to come.

They have been collected from all over so there it is possible there are some in there you wont have seen yet. Click on the photo on the left to see the rest of the pictures and keep checking back, there will be a lot more soon!

There are a few more albums of photos lined up.

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Garage Rehearsal Pictures

the garage rehearsalNo, the band are not rehearsing to become a garage. That would be an awful waste of time. Although, each to their own. Everyone is entitled to follow their dreams…

These are pictures of Chapter 13 rehearsing for last years gig at the Garage in London. They performed the gig on October 30th.

Click the picture on the left to open up the full album of pictures.

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New Website Themes

chapter 13 new theme website templateIf you are regularly visiting on a desktop/laptop you’ll have already spotted that there are new themes on the homepage and in the gallery.

The old themes had more of a pop punk vibe to them, which doesn’t really suit the new direction their music has been taking. You can see the old themes in past layouts if you are curious or have already forgotten what the site used to look like.


chapter 13 new theme layout websiteThe gallery hadn’t be changed since 2020 so it was about time, they all looked like babies in the page header.

What do you think of the new look? A better fit?

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New Secret Project Pictures!

secret upcoming projectLike promised the super secret pictures from Heartbreak Takeaway’s instagram won’t be leaked here. There are, however, 19 new pictures from the upcoming project now in the gallery!

Click the photo on the left to see them, they are all full quality pictures. By that I mean a decent size image. Are there any in there that you haven’t seen yet?

Like it was mentioned before, there are a lot of pictures and things coming. They’re pretty much ready to go so it should be a busy week. Keep checking back so you don’t miss anything!

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Chapter 13’s Untitled Video Project!

chapter 13 untitled performance video projectChapter 13 have been teasing photos and videos of their latest as-of-yet untitled video project. All they will confirm so far is that it is not a music video. The most popular opinion at the moment is that it will be a longer performance video – hopefully of songs from the entire album?

It looks very stylised, and seems to be based around a house party theme. I have very cleverly put that together since all the photos I have seen are from in and around a house. It looks like a fun time with many people… house party.

They’ve shared a clip of Tom singing Ordinary People on a couch in an orange Chapter 13 branded jump suit (amazing merch opportunity by the way). They have also released a shot clip of Looks Like You’re Having Fun [ both clips are embedded below – go to read more to see them ]

There will be some pictures added to the site soon, some you may have seen and some that maybe you haven’t [ nothing from HeartbreakTakeaway will be shared publicly here since that would break their rules ]

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