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Tom Supporting Justice for George Floyd

tom abisgold george floydA lot of Castaways have been asking the boys to say acknowledge the George Floyd tragedy since they have a platform. Tom posted  his support on his instagram feed and story, he has also added a link to in his bio. Click the photo to get to the petition.

Here is the test of the photo he posted with the caption ‘BLACKLIVESFUCKINGMATTER’:

I’m not going to post a big message because people like Billie Eilish can say it better. All I’m going to say is something has got to change. Doesn’t feel like the world is moving forward, we’re going backwards. All this sadistic, racist bullshit is fucked up and evil. I’m not black, and that does not mean I am a better human being than someone who is. It does not mean I deserver anything more than someone who is. So how come it can be the difference between life and death.

Sign the petition in my bio, donate, do anything you can to help. Do not sit and watch this shit happen on your phone screens.