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Chapter 13 Livestream – Album on the way!

chapter 13 hot tub livestreamChapter 13 had a livestream from a hot tub last night. It seems like the best thing to do is condense their news into this post, but the video is in the full post. It has been more than a year since the band last went live.

The UK is in lockdown – mentioning for any fans not living there who don’t know. The last time UK was in lockdown the boys were all separated, but this time they are living together! Tom has confirmed they are working on a record. He also said that Tom wrote half of the album during the last lockdown and according to Jacob we have heard barely any of the new material.

They set off about £150 worth of fireworks the night before the livestream. Jake really misses doing gigs.

They were asked their height: Jake is 5’7″, Noah said he’s 5’8″, Tom is 5’11”, and Jacob is not sure but said 5’4″.

The band plan on doing more chaptercasts, Jake says they recorded 4 of them but then left it so long the old footage was irrelevant. They also asked if fans would like to see a live every week. So make sure you have instagram ready next Saturday at midnight!