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Valentine’s Day Dates with Chapter 13

Valentine's Day DatesThe boys have had a really cool idea for Valentine’s Day! They are going to call some fans to have virtual Valentine’s Day Dates!

Find out how to enter by reading the description below the video:

Valentine’s Day Dates

It goes without saying that the past year has been really difficult for everyone, and at our age you just want to go out and meet new people. Being isolated from everyone else can be hard. We know people our age will be feeling the same way so we’re gonna go on a date with a couple of you for valentine’s day🖤🖤

Send us an email and tell us more about yourself by answering the questions below. we’ll make sure we call some of you next week and then hopefully we’ll each have a date on valentine’s🥀

please send us:
– the name of who you want to call (as the email subject)
– your name
– your age
– your Instagram name
– your phone number (including country code)
– any hobbies you have
– why you would like to have a call with this band member

our email inbox is open to all, however we will only be able to call those of you aged 16 or over.