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Get an Extra Show with Your Manchester Ticket!!

manchester ticketIf you got a streaming pass for the Manchester show last night, you are in luck! The boys are sending out emails to everyone that had a ticket for last nights show.

The show was supposed to start at 8PM initially, then the AAA pass holders were let know it would be delayed til 8:30. They also updated the stream on the site to say it would begin at 8:30.

In reality it didn’t start until after 9PM because they boys started playing and got half way through their set before they realised nobody could see them. Once they realised their mistake they fixed the technical issue and played a full set -they must have been so tired by the end! They still put all of their energy into it and it was a great show.

To apologise for the delay they are letting fans with Manchester passes get access to Thursday nights show, which starts at the later time of 10PM BST to make it a better time for South American fans.


If you don’t have an email yet, don’t worry. It seems not everyone has got it yet, just hang tight. Either way the stream should work for you tomorrow night if you had a Manchester streaming pass. Thanks lads! Can’t wait to see the gig!

hi there.

we’re really sorry for the technical difficulties that impacted the live stream of the show you bought a pass for. we hope you enjoyed it, though we really want to make it up to you and ensure you get to see the show as we intended it.

therefore we would like to invite you to watch our show tomorrow (8th april), stage time 10pm. if you log into your heartbreaktakeaway.com account you will be able to access the stream.

thank you again for all your support, and we’ll see you tomorrow

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HeartbreakTakeaway Photos and Lyrics

heartbreaktakeaway live concert
There are new photos in the gallery from the HeartbreakTakeaway tour! Click the thumbnail on the left to see the pictures.

Lyrics have been added for the new songs they premiered during the show, if there any missing or you notice mistakes please let us know!

Sunshine Avenue
Ordinary People
Narcissistic Romance
Loved By Someone
Stranger Danger

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More Streaming Passes on Sale Tomorrow!

streaming passes on saleThe streaming passes for the heartbreaktakeaway tour went on sale last weekend and sold out within an hour.

For anyone that missed out, there is a second chance! More passes will be released tomorrow morning 10AM (UK time).

Will you be getting one??


full video of stranger danger on heartbreaktakeaway.com at 8pm tonight as welllll🦋

we’re really happy that more of you can see this tour 🖤

Like they said the full version is going on heartbreaktakeaway.com tonight. The rest of the lyrics will be posted here once it is up.

In the meantime, here is an unseen clip of the song: