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Harder To Pretend: Debut Single Release

harder to pretendThe big announcement is out! Harder to Pretend will be the bands debut single and is being released on World Suicide Prevention Day! You will be able to listen to it on all major streaming services from September 10th.

You can pre-save Harder To Pretend here.

Get the Harder to Pretend lyrics here

It’s hard to explain
Why I want to drink all the time
But don’t worry, cos I’ll be fine
And no matter how many times they tell you, “Don’t speak your mind”
Well it’s better to say when you’re at your end
Cos it’s harder to pretend

Are you excited for their first single?

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Big Announcement at 6PM!

announcementThere will be an announcement today at 6PM GMT. That is about 40 minutes away if you are in a different region and trying to work it out.

They didn’t give any details about when or where so… instagram? Even then, heartbreak takeaway or @Chapter13? Probably both?

If you have checked out their instagram you’ll see that they have removed all of the posts again. So this does seem like it will be a big announcement if they are doing another overhaul on their account.

If you miss it don’t worry, whatever the news turns out to be it will be posted here (and probably all over their socials).