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2021 Heartbreak Takeaway

chapter 13 heartbreak takeaway photo shootThere are new Heartbreak Takeaway photo shoot pictures in the gallery. Everything that hasn’t made it into the gallery yet is being added. There are more photo shoot pictures to come.

They have been collected from all over so there it is possible there are some in there you wont have seen yet. Click on the photo on the left to see the rest of the pictures and keep checking back, there will be a lot more soon!

There are a few more albums of photos lined up.

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Garage Rehearsal Pictures

the garage rehearsalNo, the band are not rehearsing to become a garage. That would be an awful waste of time. Although, each to their own. Everyone is entitled to follow their dreams…

These are pictures of Chapter 13 rehearsing for last years gig at the Garage in London. They performed the gig on October 30th.

Click the picture on the left to open up the full album of pictures.

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New Website Themes

chapter 13 new theme website templateIf you are regularly visiting on a desktop/laptop you’ll have already spotted that there are new themes on the homepage and in the gallery.

The old themes had more of a pop punk vibe to them, which doesn’t really suit the new direction their music has been taking. You can see the old themes in past layouts if you are curious or have already forgotten what the site used to look like.


chapter 13 new theme layout websiteThe gallery hadn’t be changed since 2020 so it was about time, they all looked like babies in the page header.

What do you think of the new look? A better fit?

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New Secret Project Pictures!

secret upcoming projectLike promised the super secret pictures from Heartbreak Takeaway’s instagram won’t be leaked here. There are, however, 19 new pictures from the upcoming project now in the gallery!

Click the photo on the left to see them, they are all full quality pictures. By that I mean a decent size image. Are there any in there that you haven’t seen yet?

Like it was mentioned before, there are a lot of pictures and things coming. They’re pretty much ready to go so it should be a busy week. Keep checking back so you don’t miss anything!