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Jake Slack, guitarist
Tom Alex Absigold, singer and guitarist
Noah Key, drummer (2018 – 2022)
Jacob Swann, bass guitarist

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The band formed in January 2018. They met while they were cast members of School of Rock in London’s West End. Jake and Tom played Zack, Noah played Freddy, and Jacob took on the role of Matthew. While working on the show they decided to start their own band. Through School of Rock they met Tom Fletcher who helped them in getting their band to the next level.

There were originally going to be called Outta Time, but picked Chapter 13 because Tom Fletcher’s book had no chapter 13. Their audition for their manager was the first time they played together as a band. They had never rehearsed as a group before and played “Air Hostess” by Busted perfectly on the first try.

Easter 2018 was the first time the band lived together. They did a lot of songwriting and rehearsal, and worked out their sound.

On Sunday 23rd September 2019 they played their first ever gig as a band at the Camden Assembly (formerly known as ‘The Barfly’). They played mainly to family and friends, but two of their fans were in attendance.

They often practice & record in McFly’s rehearsal space, and were featured in the recording/music video for Tom Felton’s “Don’t Turn Out The Light”. A song that accompanied the musical version of his popular children’s book, The Creakers.

In 2019 Chapter 13 gained a lot of popularity from their appearance on Britains Got Talent. For their audition, they played a Stevie Wonder medley that really impressed the judges! They got a golden buzzer from Amanda Holden, which put them straight through to the semi-finals where they played an original song “We Own This Town”. Unfortunately, they did not go on to win the show. They had intended to play the original song Future if they got into the final.

After BGT, they launched their own Castaway tour (based on the name to their song Forgotten Castaway). Their fans are known as Castaways. Their next big gig was supporting McFly at the O2 in London in December 2019.

In 2020 they started strong with a headlining gig in Dingwalls. There is currently no information on future gigs/music releases. They intend to release their debut album in 2021.

At the moment there is no band merch available online, it is only available at gigs. They are signed to the same management as McFly and Busted, Happy Entertainment Ltd.

Facts about their songs:
The song I H8 U was kind of based on truth
They all play a part in writing the songs
Please was written based on truth
Jake and Tom wrote Kiwi about Noah’s mum