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Heartbreak Takeaway Livestream

heartbreak takeaway livestream Chapter 13 had a livestream counting down to when fans could sign up for

They played a preview of some of the content that will be posted once it is up and running. Turns out they have been recording professional videos of all of their performances since their first gig. They played that to two fans and their family, they show the video in the livestream.

You can also hear a bit of Heartbreak Takeaway playing in the background. I have been adding the lyrics to the site, but they are very incomplete. Lots of new facts, pictures, lyrics are being added to the site -but a post on the home page for each update would be spammy.

Anyway, if you missed the live stream or want to re-watch it, check out the videos below:
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Heartbreak Takeaway Teaser Videos

heartbreak takeaway teaserHaving to wait until the weekend for Heartbreak Takeaway to launch is terrible. But we can use the time to speculate on what their content will be!

Last year the boys removed all of their old videos and songs form social media. It wasn’t fun for any of the fans, but they were ready for a rebrand. From what they have said it sounds like they will be posting their old videos and songs now that we will have a separate platform for them to share it on. That means we may see the old videos come back.

They have also mentioned they will be sharing music, demos and unreleased stuff. It makes sense that they don’t want to confuse new fans by posting old songs that won’t be on the album on their main accounts. So we may finally get to hear the full studio versions of all of the songs we have been listening to through live videos!

Speaking of live videos, they shared a clip (below) of them singing Jump live at the O2. Finally a version not recorded on a mobile phone and with great sound quality! So we may be getting some well produced live videos from gigs. I can’t wait! What else do you think they will be posting?

There are a few teaser videos below, so keep reading.
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HeartBreak Takeaway Soundcloud Launch

chapter 13 heartbreak takeaway soundcloudThe boys are launching a private instagram and soundcloud account for heartbreak takeaway this week!

If you haven’t heard about it, you might be wondering how you can get access if its private. Click the picture on the left to be taken to the website where you can sign up.

You will have to place an order by using the form on to gain access to the private heartbreak takeaway instagram account and private soundcloud page,

You will also be given the option to sign up to their mailing list while you’re filling this out (it is a check box at the bottom of the form). Are you excited yet?

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Heartbreak Takeaway!

heartbreak takeawayThe boys have been teasing this brand new logo and it looks pretty sick! Could this be the artwork and title of their first single? It may be an EP but my bet is its a single.

It seems as though their upcoming debut album would be called Songs For Generation Sex. This could be a big year for the band, you guys better be getting excited too.

What do you think of the name Heartbreak Takeaway? What name do you prefer between that and Songs For Generation Sex? – and which one has the better logo?

New pictures will be coming soon. Dont forget to keep checking back, and of course should in the comments if there is anything you want to see on here. Or type at a normal volume, its up to you really!

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Chapter 13 Livestream – Album on the way!

chapter 13 hot tub livestreamChapter 13 had a livestream from a hot tub last night. It seems like the best thing to do is condense their news into this post, but the video is in the full post. It has been more than a year since the band last went live.

The UK is in lockdown – mentioning for any fans not living there who don’t know. The last time UK was in lockdown the boys were all separated, but this time they are living together! Tom has confirmed they are working on a record. He also said that Tom wrote half of the album during the last lockdown and according to Jacob we have heard barely any of the new material.

They set off about £150 worth of fireworks the night before the livestream. Jake really misses doing gigs.

They were asked their height: Jake is 5’7″, Noah said he’s 5’8″, Tom is 5’11”, and Jacob is not sure but said 5’4″.

The band plan on doing more chaptercasts, Jake says they recorded 4 of them but then left it so long the old footage was irrelevant. They also asked if fans would like to see a live every week. So make sure you have instagram ready next Saturday at midnight!

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Social Suicide At Home

social suicide at home Social Suicide At Home: Tom’s message to Chapter 13 fans. He explains why the band was so inactive during lockdown. This was part of the writing process for their upcoming album, it sounds like they are aiming to be very raw and authentic.

The drawing on the left if what Tom posted with the message, click it to see it full sized.

firstly thanks for all the support on the new content and glad you love it as much as we do. we came offline to try not to conform to what everyone else is doing particularly during lockdown and present ourselves in a way that was untrue. i wanted to write songs that represent who I am for all that is good and the shit that comes with it. what I found was that when I wrote what was real and personal, my band connected with it more and the acceptance of who I am inspired more music and brought us together. hopefully you connect with it in the same way we do
love u all

[ TOM – CHAPTER 13 ]

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Chapter 13 Are Back on Instagram!

chapter 13 back on instagramThat’s right, the Chapter 13 are back on instagram! If you’ve been on their page you’ll have noticed a few weeks ago Chapter 13 changed their handle from @WeAreChapter13 to @Chapter13.

Then recently they deleted most of their posts, only leaving a few. Now they have deleted every single post and video – wishing I had backed up everything.

Their icon on their page has changed to a smiley face, and today they uploaded a short clip, “Hello its nice to meet you”.

It seems like they are rebranding the band. I wonder what this new era of chapter 13 will be like.


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West London Studio Rehearsals and Pictures

tom abisgold studio rehearsalThe boys have been rehearsing all week in a West London rehearsal studio. These are the stories they have been posting while rehearsing. The only band members you can see are Jacob and Jake. The top of Jacobs head appears in one photo, and Jake showed part of his arms.

If you are wondering how I know the studio is in West London, the logo was originally in one of their pictures. There is a second photo of jacob behind the stack going around. It is taken from a slightly different angle, but is basically the same picture. I assume it was deleted when they realised it gave away their location. Trust me, you dont see anything different than the top of Jacob’s head, you aren’t missing anything.

After looking up the studio, they only have rehearsal rooms available, so the band aren’t recording here. What are they practising for? Not sure, McFly are going on tour next year but it is a bit early to be getting ready for that if they are supporting.

Since they can’t have any gigs yet with everything going on, maybe they are going to post a video online at some point? We have eben asking for a virtual concert. We’ll have to wait and see unfortunately.

Pictures and video from the studio are below:

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