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Fandom Zoom Call

fandom zoom call@chapter.melody and @propersaddosjake are hosting another fandom Zoom call! A brilliant way to celebrate on Heartbreak Takeaway weekend! If you need any more info you can DM either of them on Instagram.

It starts at 2PM and will continue until the last fan leaves 🙂

Meeting ID: 810 4543 4419
Passcode: Simps

(Capital S in the beginning of the passcode)

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Heartbreak Takeaway Teaser Videos

heartbreak takeaway teaserHaving to wait until the weekend for Heartbreak Takeaway to launch is terrible. But we can use the time to speculate on what their content will be!

Last year the boys removed all of their old videos and songs form social media. It wasn’t fun for any of the fans, but they were ready for a rebrand. From what they have said it sounds like they will be posting their old videos and songs now that we will have a separate platform for them to share it on. That means we may see the old videos come back.

They have also mentioned they will be sharing music, demos and unreleased stuff. It makes sense that they don’t want to confuse new fans by posting old songs that won’t be on the album on their main accounts. So we may finally get to hear the full studio versions of all of the songs we have been listening to through live videos!

Speaking of live videos, they shared a clip (below) of them singing Jump live at the O2. Finally a version not recorded on a mobile phone and with great sound quality! So we may be getting some well produced live videos from gigs. I can’t wait! What else do you think they will be posting?

There are a few teaser videos below, so keep reading.
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Join the Valentine Zoom Chat!

valentine zoom for fansChapter.Melody and ProperSaddosJake had a brilliant idea to have a Valentine Zoom chat for all fans to join. If you are interested here is what you need to know:

Feb 15th
2PM (UK Time)

Message Chapter.Melody with your email to get the invite!

I think its a brilliant idea. Last time Tom joined in on the call, so there is always a chance one of the boys will show up. That isn’t what’s important though, it is great for fans to have a way to get together when there is no chance of meeting up at gigs these days.

Are you going to be joining the call?

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New Laptop and Tablet Retro Wallpapers

Chapter 13 Retro WallpaperThere are new retro wallpapers on the ChapterFam page. One design is for laptop/desktop and the other is the right ratio for phone/tablet.

You might recognise the style, they are based on retro kids books form the UK. My favourite is probably the cover for the fake book: Chapter 13 and the Bakugan Club.

If you like these and want to see more add a wallpaper you’re using to your story on Facebook or Instagram and tag us! If you don’t use socials you can always leave a comment 🙂

The last compilation of all of the boys stories for July was quite popular, so there may be a follow up coming in the next week. Let us know if that is something you want to keep seeing on this site.

Until the boys reveal whatever it is that they are working on currently, we will need to keep finding things to post on here. Suggestions are always welcome. You can always get in touch with the contact form.

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Free Chapter 13 Phone and Tablet Wallpapers

Jacob Swann Chapter 13 Phone WallpapersGiven a few options for new content on the site, one popular choice was wallpapers. This was asked on an instagram story, if you’re wondering why that sounds different to the poll on this site.

The first set of phone backgrounds/lockscreen wallpapers are up in the ChapterFam page. They are in the right dimensions for a phone or tablet. Wallpapers will get their own page eventually if they are popular with you guys.

Let me know if you like these and would like to see more like this! If you want to see them in different dimensions, for a desktop or laptop background, leave a comment! It is going to sound really cheesy, but this website is for fans so it should be full of the type of content you want to see! That’s why I keep checking what you want.

So far there is one background in this style for each band member. To keep the same vibe they are all photos form the O2 gig last year. I can do a group one in this design, or create a new style if you guys want to see more. Again, let me know if you’d like this design made to fit a different device, I’ll see what I can do. If a few people make that request then I’ll know in future to make them in different shapes and sizes.

I hope you enjoy the new backgrounds. It would be great if you could tag the site in a screenshot on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter if you use them!

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New Lyrics, Facts and Fan Fics

chapter 13 fan site updatesIt has been all of a few minutes since the last post, but I thought you might like to know some of the things that have been added & fixed this morning. Plus, new lyrics are always needed, and some more have just been added:

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ChapterFam is Live Now!

chapter 13 ChapterFam Castaway SourceI mentioned a while ago that there should be a ChapterFam section on the site. The page is now up!

It has a link to an upcoming fan project you can take part in, so check that out!

It also has a few links to fan fics, and past projects. There are a lot of great fan fics online but sometimes its hard to find them, that’s why I thought it would be a good idea to make this list. With upcoming projects it can be easy to forget the deadlines or what ones are active.

Then sometimes I remember seeing a cool project, but can’t remember where it was posted. Having them all linked from this page will help more people find them & rediscover cool fan projects.

Leave a comment, submit the contact form, or get in touch on any social media if you want something included. If its a fan project, please include the final date for submissions. If this gets active I’ll add a list of upcoming projects to the sidebar of the site to get them more visibility.

Anything fan created counts, so if you have something you think may not fit into these categories, still send a message!

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Pickup Lines for Tom Abisgold

tom abisgold pickup linesIf you are on Instagram, you might have noticed Tom’s latest story aboutu pickup lines.

Som Castaways got bored and started spamming his comments, its really funny. The spam I saw was on his latest photo from March 16th.

His next story was just a close up of a laughing emoji. Here are some of the comments:

Are you French? Because Eiffel for you

I’m no photographer but I can picture us together

have you got the coronavirus bc I can’t stop looking achoo

The screenshots below mention lvc, for anyone curious, that is a fan group chat on instagram. It is short for the Lonely Vibes Club.
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Virtual Chapter 13 Concert Tonight!

chapter 13 virtual concertIf you hadn’t already realised today is the one year anniversary of the boys golden buzzer performance airing on Britains Got Talent.

Castaways are celebrating with a lot of cool edits and projects on instagram.

welovechapter13.x had the idea to piece together a concert from live videos, and air it on Zoom tonight like a virtual concert. It starts at 7PM BST tonight.


Zoom Meeting ID: 846 216 0693
pw: chapter13

You can get tickets here -they aren’t required to join, its just for fun.

If you want to get ready like its a real concert post and post it on instagram with the tag #chapter13virtualconcert, welovechapter13.x will repost. (credit to chapter_medicine for that one)

Are you going to be watching tonight?

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Calling All Castaways – ChapterFam Update!

Calling All Castaways - The ChapterFamI have been thinking of what else to put on the site  for Castaways (you’ll notice there is a new poll about it in the sidebar). I have a few ideas.

This site shouldn’t just be about the band, its really for the fans after all. I would really like to add a Castaway section, but I need your help!

If you have any stories of meeting the band, how they’ve changed your life/helped you, or you want to share a fan fic send it in! If you want to include pictures, please do 🙂

Fan art, videos, covers, original songs, they all count! I know they’ve been shared on your socials, but it would be great if we had a central space for them to be discovered.

I know there are a few people working on fan projects, so if you want to use the fan section to share your open/finished project go ahead!

All stories/content will get credit to their original authors/content creators, so you can get a link back to your social media/site(s) of your choice.

To send in your content you can message on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter (links in the sidebar or at the top of the page), or you can use the contact form. You can comment on this post too, if you need an email address to send pictures or anything let me know -just don’t want to share it openly.

Hope you guys like this idea as much as I do! I am really excited to see the Castaways page come together!