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2021 Heartbreak Takeaway

chapter 13 heartbreak takeaway photo shootThere are new Heartbreak Takeaway photo shoot pictures in the gallery. Everything that hasn’t made it into the gallery yet is being added. There are more photo shoot pictures to come.

They have been collected from all over so there it is possible there are some in there you wont have seen yet. Click on the photo on the left to see the rest of the pictures and keep checking back, there will be a lot more soon!

There are a few more albums of photos lined up.

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Garage Rehearsal Pictures

the garage rehearsalNo, the band are not rehearsing to become a garage. That would be an awful waste of time. Although, each to their own. Everyone is entitled to follow their dreams…

These are pictures of Chapter 13 rehearsing for last years gig at the Garage in London. They performed the gig on October 30th.

Click the picture on the left to open up the full album of pictures.

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New Secret Project Pictures!

secret upcoming projectLike promised the super secret pictures from Heartbreak Takeaway’s instagram won’t be leaked here. There are, however, 19 new pictures from the upcoming project now in the gallery!

Click the photo on the left to see them, they are all full quality pictures. By that I mean a decent size image. Are there any in there that you haven’t seen yet?

Like it was mentioned before, there are a lot of pictures and things coming. They’re pretty much ready to go so it should be a busy week. Keep checking back so you don’t miss anything!

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South America Tour Pictures

chapter 13 south america heartbreak takeawayThere are new pictures in the gallery from the Heartbreak Takeaway South America show! Click the photo on the left or this link to see them. There have been promises of new pictures for a while and they are on the way!

Next will be more pictures from the tour, and some photo shoot pictures to follow after that. Possibly even some behind the scenes ones… If you have any content from the Heartbreak Takeaway tour please share! [ of course won’t be adding anything from their private instagram to the site ]

The website will be getting quite a few updates to freshen things up. Lets hope there will be a lot of great things to come in 2022!

There are some little easter eggs throughout the site already – like extra facts in the about pages and improved lyrics.

If anybody has photos they are happy to share form the October gig please send them!

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Harder To Pretend Pictures

Harder To Pretend PicturesShots from the Harder To Pretend music video are in the gallery.

If anyone has more pictures/info from the shoot of the video please let us know so we can share – full credit will be given!

More pictures will be added in the run up to the songs release (including some photo shoot ones!).

If you have any fan projects you are working on, feel free to drop a message, leave a comment, or say it through any social media accounts we have. Now that things are happening with the band again I’d really like to have those pages up to date.

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HeartbreakTakeaway Photos and Lyrics

heartbreaktakeaway live concert
There are new photos in the gallery from the HeartbreakTakeaway tour! Click the thumbnail on the left to see the pictures.

Lyrics have been added for the new songs they premiered during the show, if there any missing or you notice mistakes please let us know!

Sunshine Avenue
Ordinary People
Narcissistic Romance
Loved By Someone
Stranger Danger

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HeartBreakTakeaway Photoshoot Pictures

heartbreaktakeaway photoshootThere are some new photoshoot pictures from the HeartbreakTakeaway shoot in the gallery.

Don’t forget that tonight at 6PM we will find out more about the virtual tour that will be starting soon. The gig dates and locations have been shuffled around a little bit but are still taking place on the same week.

Tickets will go on sale tomorrow at 9AM GMT! Don’t forget!

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Tom on The Cube Full Episode & Pictures

Tom Abisgold on The Cube full episodeSomehow I completely missed the fact that Tom was on The Cube in December! Thanks to _.multi_.fxndom on instagram I found out.

If you haven’t seen it there is a video of the full episode below. Tom doesn’t say much but the camera cuts to him a few times. He is rocking the lockdown hair, it is the longest I’ve seen him have it since he was little.

There are screenshots from the episode in the gallery, but like I said, the full episode is below if you keep reading 🙂
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Chapter 13 Lockdown Photos

chapter 13 in lockdownChapter 13 are, like all the rest of us, back in lockdown. The boys have shared a few pictures of what they have been getting up to in between working on their music.

It is lucky for us that they have somewhere to go so that the current situation doesn’t mean we wont get new music, vlogs, or content. It has been great to see them getting more active and interactive with fans – did anyone get a valentine call from them yet??

Turns out the list includes fireworks and general messing about. There is also a shirtless pictures for the Tom stans.

Click on the adorable picture of Jacob to the left to find out what else they have been getting up to while passing the time in lockdown.