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Heartbreak Takeaway Livestream

heartbreak takeaway livestream Chapter 13 had a livestream counting down to when fans could sign up for

They played a preview of some of the content that will be posted once it is up and running. Turns out they have been recording professional videos of all of their performances since their first gig. They played that to two fans and their family, they show the video in the livestream.

You can also hear a bit of Heartbreak Takeaway playing in the background. I have been adding the lyrics to the site, but they are very incomplete. Lots of new facts, pictures, lyrics are being added to the site -but a post on the home page for each update would be spammy.

Anyway, if you missed the live stream or want to re-watch it, check out the videos below:
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Heartbreak Takeaway Teaser Videos

heartbreak takeaway teaserHaving to wait until the weekend for Heartbreak Takeaway to launch is terrible. But we can use the time to speculate on what their content will be!

Last year the boys removed all of their old videos and songs form social media. It wasn’t fun for any of the fans, but they were ready for a rebrand. From what they have said it sounds like they will be posting their old videos and songs now that we will have a separate platform for them to share it on. That means we may see the old videos come back.

They have also mentioned they will be sharing music, demos and unreleased stuff. It makes sense that they don’t want to confuse new fans by posting old songs that won’t be on the album on their main accounts. So we may finally get to hear the full studio versions of all of the songs we have been listening to through live videos!

Speaking of live videos, they shared a clip (below) of them singing Jump live at the O2. Finally a version not recorded on a mobile phone and with great sound quality! So we may be getting some well produced live videos from gigs. I can’t wait! What else do you think they will be posting?

There are a few teaser videos below, so keep reading.
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New Say When You’re At Your End Video and Lyrics

The Chapter 13 instagram posted a new clip of the song Say When You’re At Your End.If you missed the last teaser of this song, you can see it here.

The lyrics for this song have been updated, get the new lyrics here.

They have also been adding posts to their instagram mentioning Heartbreak Takeaway, they still haven’t confirmed what this will be. A single? Maybe an EP? We will have to wait and find out.


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Watch LBS The Longer Cut

LBS Loved By SomeoneThis is the longest version of any of Chapter 13’s new songs so far, over a minute and a half of LBS.

They teased this song a few months ago and promised a longer version would be released. If you aren’t familiar with the song, LBS stands for Loved By Someone. You will probably have figured that out anyway, after listening. The lyrics are in the lyrics section of the site – there is a link to it in the site menu.

This is as much as we can post at the moment, how do you think the song is shaping up so far?

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Who Noah Key is Dating

dating noah keyNoah posted a video to let everyone know who he chose out of everyone that sent an email to have the chance to be dating him on Zoom for Valentine’s Day.

Did you email the boys? If this is the first you are hearing about this, the whole thing is explained here. Each of the boys picked a few people form the 600+ that entered to call. Everyone had to enter for a specific band member so it wasn’t totally random. The boys used those calls to narrow down who they wanted to be dating tomorrow on Zoom.

It was a cool idea and has kept us a bit more entertained during lockdown. Do you know anyone who got a call or was picked for a date?

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Jake Slack’s Valentine Date

Jake Slack Valentine dateJake has put fans out of their misery and announced his Valentine date!

He starts off by hoping that everyone is staying safe, and thanks to everyone who entered. He called a few people and had a good laugh with them.

He then asks the girl he chose to DM his so they can set up a Zoom call. But who did he ask? You’ll have to watch the video to find out.

Did you get to talk to any of the boys during this whole process? We would love to hear what it was like if you have anything about the experience that you would like to share. Leave a comment, or message us on instagram/facebook. The links are in the sidebar if you need them.

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Jacob Swann’s Valentine

Jacob Swann has a valentine!Jacob posted a video, that you can watch below, announcing who he chose for his Valentine Zoom date.

Like Tom, he mentions how astounded they were at getting so many requests but this time he puts a number on it. There were over 600 emails in their inbox asking them to chat.

Jacob called and spoke to a few fans, so it wasn’t decided entirely on what was in the email. That was just enough to get into the running to have a chat, to maybe get the date. Find out who he wants to call tomorrow by watching the video.

He thanked everyone who entered and who spoke to him in the run up to Valentine’s.

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Tom Abisgold’s Valentine’s Day Date

Tom Abisgold's Valentine's Day DateTom has chosen his Valentine’s Day Date! He announced it on instagram with this video today.

He thanked everyone for all of their entries. The boys were so overwhelmed with the amount of people that wanted to chat with the. In the end they picked 50 emails each and chose form those emails just a few people they would have quick chats with on Zoom – like a virtual speed date.

After getting to talk to a few of the entrants they then had to pick just one person to call tomorrow for a virtual date. Tome announced his date just a few minutes ago. You can watch the video announcement right here. Congratulations to the lucky girl!

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How Tom Has Two Broken Wrists

tom abisgolds broken wristsTom went on instagram to explain how he ended up with two broken wrists. He shared pictures a few days ago of him in a hospital bed along with graphic images of the breaks. This left fans wondering what on earth happened. He posted a series of short videos on his story explaining, they have been combined into the video below. There is another video that was recorded while he was still in hospital, that is in the full story below too.

Pictures that Tom posted of his injury are in the gallery, some of them are a bit grim. This is where to find them.
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