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How To Help Promote Chapter 13

If you want to help out the band, a good way is to promote them and spread their music/fandom. If you are not sure where to start, here are some tips:

Boost them on Famous Birthdays!
You can do this once a day, getting their ranking higher could get them noticed by more potential Castaways
Tom Abisgold
Noah Key
Jake Slack
Jacob Swann
Chapter 13

Share them on Social Media!
Don’t just use Chapter 13 specific hashtags, we want to spread them outside the fandom too! The biggest ch13 platform is instagram, but you can use whatever you like obviously. Using different platforms can help spread the chapterfam farther! This site has a Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for sharing Chapterfam news and pictures.

If you run a fan account for another fandom, you could share a Chapter 13 post to people who may not know about them.