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LBS Loved By Someone

“What’s the point of living if we cant take drugs?”
Is the motto of the generation
[ That’s why we’re all fucked ]
Maybe everybody just needs a hug
Or maybe parents all need to let their kids grow up
And make their own mistakes
Cos hat’s what they did and they all turned out great
Oh no, wait! Climate change is probably going to kill us all

You don’t want to know about the problems I’ve got
About the fact I used to steal a lot of stuff from the shop
And the time me and my sister went to pack up our stuff before he woke up
Talking ’bout, that’s right, my dad
He made me want to shoot myself with a gun
And my mum gets drunk because she couldn’t see whats going on
No, you should be having fun

You should be loved by someone
You should be loved by someone
Loved by someone

Now I’m walking on my tippie toes,
Thinking everybody knows,
More about myself than I do, is that true?
Am I a bad guy for thinking its cool
To keep your bruises on the inside.

There’s girls getting sexually abused
Guys thinking its alright or its cool
Or it doesn’t really matter and its ok
Well guess what, it’s not fucking okay!

Whats wrong? Can’t a man kiss a man, or a girl kiss a girl
Or whichever way around way around they want it to be
But oh no you see
I want to be experimental in the things I try
But you can’t when you’re 16 and you’re a guy
Cos its gay or its weird
putting on my social armor getting ready to be called a queer.

Fantasy can be so much better than reality
No wait, sorry, fuck that
It is better than reality
You deserve what’s going on
You should be loved by someone

Give me a name
All that I need is a purpose
To be around
I’m just shit at life or lifes shit

You should be loved by someone
You should be loved by someone
Loved by someone
Wish I was loved by someone