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South America Tour Pictures

chapter 13 south america heartbreak takeawayThere are new pictures in the gallery from the Heartbreak Takeaway South America show! Click the photo on the left or this link to see them. There have been promises of new pictures for a while and they are on the way!

Next will be more pictures from the tour, and some photo shoot pictures to follow after that. Possibly even some behind the scenes ones… If you have any content from the Heartbreak Takeaway tour please share! [ of course won’t be adding anything from their private instagram to the site ]

The website will be getting quite a few updates to freshen things up. Lets hope there will be a lot of great things to come in 2022!

There are some little easter eggs throughout the site already – like extra facts in the about pages and improved lyrics.

If anybody has photos they are happy to share form the October gig please send them!

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Lyrics For ME and More

chapter 13 meAt this stage you have probably all heard the new EP ME about 100 times, good work!

Over the past few days new lyrics have been added to the site, for the new songs and some classics.

Click the picture to the left, the ‘lyrics’ link in the sit menu, or click right here. It’s up to you.

If you notice any lyrics missing or wrong, leave a comment, use the contact us form, or any of the socials to let us know and it’ll get fixed 🙂

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Watch How Chapter 13 Spent World Suicide Prevention Day

The band have uploaded a vlog of how they spent their single release/World Suicide Prevention Day.World Suicide Prevention Day

crazy day at tower bridge on World Suicide Prevention Day last month fighting for such an important cause where change is needed. it’s obvious that we didn’t really have a clue what we were doing and everything seemed to go wrong at times but at least we tried.
massive thank you to the fans who showed up and helped us pull it together in the end. was amazing to see how well you all stood up for what you believed in when the police arrived 🖤

‘harder to pretend’ available now to stream on all platforms:

If you’ve been affected by any of the issues raised in this video, here are the details of some places where you can get support:

call 116 123

Mental Health Foundation:

Young Minds:
parents’ helpline: 0808 802 5544

text shout to 85258

National Suicide Prevention Line (USA): 1-800-784-2433

for further resources, visit

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Watch Ordinary People Now!

Watch Ordinary PeopleYou can watch Ordinary People in full right now!

If you need the lyrics to sing along, you’re covered! Get the Ordinary People lyrics here. Yeah that was phrased in a clunky way specifically to hit SEO keywords with that link. You got me 🙂

Here is the caption from their new video, you can watch it below:

ORDINARY PEOPLE live on the hrtbrktkwy tour during lockdown in April. come and see us perform it in person at London, Oslo on Halloween

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Pre Sale for October Gig in Oslo!

chapter 13 london osloChapter 13 have a live performance coming up at the end of next month. The Heartbreak Takeaway pre sale is on sale now (as of a minute ago).

The details are scarce at the moment, but it is on the 31st in London. Going by the picture, it will be at Oslo in Hackney – although that venue doesn’t have them listed on their site yet:


Will you be going?

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Harder To Pretend Pictures

Harder To Pretend PicturesShots from the Harder To Pretend music video are in the gallery.

If anyone has more pictures/info from the shoot of the video please let us know so we can share – full credit will be given!

More pictures will be added in the run up to the songs release (including some photo shoot ones!).

If you have any fan projects you are working on, feel free to drop a message, leave a comment, or say it through any social media accounts we have. Now that things are happening with the band again I’d really like to have those pages up to date.

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Harder To Pretend Music Video & Lyrics

harder to pretend music videoChapter 13 have released their first ever music video! I know, they’ve posted tracks over videos of them performing before, but it isn’t quite the same. Don’t forget to pre save the song so you can listen as soon as its released on World Suicide Prevention Day.

You can get the > Harder To Pretend lyrics < if you need them. I'll post the statement released with the video below.


music isn’t usually life of death, but by sharing this video you could be helping someone who’s making a life or death decision. we hope this song can bring you as much comfort as you need

If you’ve been affected by any of the issues raised in this video, here are the details of some places where you can get support:

call 116 123

Mental Health Foundation:

Young Minds:
parents’ helpline: 0808 802 5544

text shout to 85258

National Suicide Prevention Line (USA): 1-800-784-2433

for further resources, visit

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Harder To Pretend: Debut Single Release

harder to pretendThe big announcement is out! Harder to Pretend will be the bands debut single and is being released on World Suicide Prevention Day! You will be able to listen to it on all major streaming services from September 10th.

You can pre-save Harder To Pretend here.

Get the Harder to Pretend lyrics here

It’s hard to explain
Why I want to drink all the time
But don’t worry, cos I’ll be fine
And no matter how many times they tell you, “Don’t speak your mind”
Well it’s better to say when you’re at your end
Cos it’s harder to pretend

Are you excited for their first single?

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Big Announcement at 6PM!

announcementThere will be an announcement today at 6PM GMT. That is about 40 minutes away if you are in a different region and trying to work it out.

They didn’t give any details about when or where so… instagram? Even then, heartbreak takeaway or @Chapter13? Probably both?

If you have checked out their instagram you’ll see that they have removed all of the posts again. So this does seem like it will be a big announcement if they are doing another overhaul on their account.

If you miss it don’t worry, whatever the news turns out to be it will be posted here (and probably all over their socials).

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Get an Extra Show with Your Manchester Ticket!!

manchester ticketIf you got a streaming pass for the Manchester show last night, you are in luck! The boys are sending out emails to everyone that had a ticket for last nights show.

The show was supposed to start at 8PM initially, then the AAA pass holders were let know it would be delayed til 8:30. They also updated the stream on the site to say it would begin at 8:30.

In reality it didn’t start until after 9PM because they boys started playing and got half way through their set before they realised nobody could see them. Once they realised their mistake they fixed the technical issue and played a full set -they must have been so tired by the end! They still put all of their energy into it and it was a great show.

To apologise for the delay they are letting fans with Manchester passes get access to Thursday nights show, which starts at the later time of 10PM BST to make it a better time for South American fans.


If you don’t have an email yet, don’t worry. It seems not everyone has got it yet, just hang tight. Either way the stream should work for you tomorrow night if you had a Manchester streaming pass. Thanks lads! Can’t wait to see the gig!

hi there.

we’re really sorry for the technical difficulties that impacted the live stream of the show you bought a pass for. we hope you enjoyed it, though we really want to make it up to you and ensure you get to see the show as we intended it.

therefore we would like to invite you to watch our show tomorrow (8th april), stage time 10pm. if you log into your account you will be able to access the stream.

thank you again for all your support, and we’ll see you tomorrow