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How Tom Has Two Broken Wrists

tom abisgolds broken wristsTom went on instagram to explain how he ended up with two broken wrists. He shared pictures a few days ago of him in a hospital bed along with graphic images of the breaks. This left fans wondering what on earth happened. He posted a series of short videos on his story explaining, they have been combined into the video below. There is another video that was recorded while he was still in hospital, that is in the full story below too.

Pictures that Tom posted of his injury are in the gallery, some of them are a bit grim. This is where to find them.
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Chapter 13 Making Reaction

making reactionWe got a teaser of this months ago, and finally we get to hear a bit more. If any of the lyrics below are off, leave a comment. Not sure what this song is called, Distraction?

Hello it’s nice to meet you, well, not really, no.
Cos everybody’s showing up *
Do you know somewhere we can go?
I’m getting no ideas
They got them force feeding the lazy generation reasons to believe
we wanna get away, get away
from all of what we have become

Hold on it’s a momentary action
All the kids on the street making reaction
Sorry don’t mean to be a distraction
What’s the plan of action?

Get the full Distraction lyrics here.

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Cook Off Part Two: Jasmine Rice

jacob vs tom jasmine rice cook offIt is Tom versus Jacob in part two of the Cook Off. No prizes for guessing that Jacob’s entry includes jasmine rice!

He is making a Teriyaki chicken dish, and Tom decides on a stir fry with egg fried rice. Worryingly enough, Jacob admits he has no idea how to cook chicken or what overcooked/undercooked means. Who do you think will be the victor?


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The Cook Off Premiering Now!

chapter 13 the cook offWatch the boys new video The Cook Off right now!

The latest youtube video is now live, check it out below! Who do you think is the best cook?

The band randomly draw two names to pick who will be going head to head in the first round. Those two bandmembers then have to cook the same dish, and have the non-cooking members judging.

There will be two more parts since the second pair have to compete, and then there will be a final. Who do you think will win? My money is on Tom.

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Chaptercast 2 Is Finally Here!

Chaptercast 2The long awaited Chaptercast 2 has arrived! As you can see the video is titled ‘chaptercast #2 – the one about noah’s sex life’.

You can get to be a part of the next Chaptercast if you send them in a story on instagram. Direct message @Chapter13 on instagram with your funniest story about yourself and they might read it out in the next video.

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Chapter 13 Livestream – Album on the way!

chapter 13 hot tub livestreamChapter 13 had a livestream from a hot tub last night. It seems like the best thing to do is condense their news into this post, but the video is in the full post. It has been more than a year since the band last went live.

The UK is in lockdown – mentioning for any fans not living there who don’t know. The last time UK was in lockdown the boys were all separated, but this time they are living together! Tom has confirmed they are working on a record. He also said that Tom wrote half of the album during the last lockdown and according to Jacob we have heard barely any of the new material.

They set off about £150 worth of fireworks the night before the livestream. Jake really misses doing gigs.

They were asked their height: Jake is 5’7″, Noah said he’s 5’8″, Tom is 5’11”, and Jacob is not sure but said 5’4″.

The band plan on doing more chaptercasts, Jake says they recorded 4 of them but then left it so long the old footage was irrelevant. They also asked if fans would like to see a live every week. So make sure you have instagram ready next Saturday at midnight!

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Listen to Stranger Danger

stranger danger Stranger Danger is a brand new chapter 13 song that you can listen to a clip of right now! This short video was recorded this summer when the band were rehearsing in a studio in west London.

It does seem like they are ramping up to release something, from the sounds of these clips the album will be amazing! It will be sad if their new style and sound means that they will not be releasing recordings of their old songs. Whatever they choose to release, going by this video it will be worth the wait:

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Say When You’re at Your End – New Acoustic Song

Say When You're at Your End New Acoustic SongTom released this acoustic original on instagram to mark World Mental Health Day, this is the message he wrote to go with it:

[ say when you’re at your end ]

today marks world mental health day. we all have our own shit to deal with and we all need to know how to find help if we’re struggling. keep talking to each other and know that there is always some one who wants to listen to you


It’s hard to explain why I want to die
How can you say that when you live the perfect life
So don’t say you know just how I feel
I wish I could tell you

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Listen to LBS: Loved By Someone

LBS Loved By Someone Chapter 13 Chapter 13 teased a short clip of this song on their instagram account last week and left us hanging. The wait is more or less over, you can listen to a much longer clip right now!

Unfortunately this time they didn’t post the lyrics, so it will take a little bit longer to get them on the site. Here is what we have so far from this clip:

Now I’m walking on my tippie toes,
Thinking everybody knows,
More about myself than I do
Is that true
Am I a bad guy for thinking its cool to keep your bruises on the inside.

There’s girls getting sexually abused
Guys thinking its alright or its cool
Or it doesn’t really matter and its ok
Well guess what, it’s not fucking okay!

Whats wrong? Can’t a man kiss a man, or a girl kiss a girl
Or whichever way around way around they want it to be
But oh no you see
I want to be experimental in the things I try
But you can’t when you’re 16 and you’re a guy
Cos its gay or its weird
putting on my social armor getting ready to be called a queer.

Fantasy can be so much better than reality
No wait, sorry, fuck that
It is better than reality
You deserve what’s going on
You should be loved by someone


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