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I Dont Like ME Too Live At O2!

I Don't Like ME TooChapter 13 have shared a new video from their performance at the O2 in 2019. In the video we see the beginning of I Don’t Like Me Too.

Even bigger news is that there will be an announcement at 7PM tonight on Instagram live. What do you think the announcement will be? My guess is the first single from their album, but that could be completely wrong.

The video of the I Don’t Like Me Too performance is below.

If you’re a newer fan or aren’t sure, the tickets Tom is referring to at the beginning would have been for Dingwalls.

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Fandom Zoom Call

fandom zoom call@chapter.melody and @propersaddosjake are hosting another fandom Zoom call! A brilliant way to celebrate on Heartbreak Takeaway weekend! If you need any more info you can DM either of them on Instagram.

It starts at 2PM and will continue until the last fan leaves 🙂

Meeting ID: 810 4543 4419
Passcode: Simps

(Capital S in the beginning of the passcode)

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Writing Stranger Danger

tom abisgold writing stranger dangerToday’s video is shows the proces of writing Stranger Danger. We get to hear Tom playing an acoustic version right after he wrote it. And then see how it progressed by the time the band were rehearsing it last summer.

The lyrics to the song have been updated. Get the slightly more complete Stranger Danger lyrics here.

You can watch the video below, here is their caption:

what goods a puppet if it’s got no strings💘

from writing it in january 2020 to hearing it come together in full production is crazyy af🥀

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Get To Know Tom and his Songwriting

tom abisgold songwritingIn another peek at what’s in store on Heartbreak Takeaway, Tom really opens up about his songwriting. He explains that it can be difficult not to get attached to a song he is writing.

The other band members talk about how well they know Tom and what he has been through. It is serious in tone, and a really great insight that we haven’t ever had before. It really does seem like some of the footage they will be releasing will be very raw, and will really help fans get to know them.

This was the caption:

am I the bad guy, for thinking it’s cool to keep your bruises on the inside💘

Happy Entertainment said this about the video:

This was filmed in November 2019. Since then @tomabisgold has written the most powerful and personal album I’ve ever heard.
Chapter 13 have an amazing relationship with each other and it’s the love and support of Jake, Noah and Jacob that has given Tom the courage to say what he needs to say and write songs that will inspire a generation. The album is almost finished and I couldn’t me more proud of the four young men @chapter13 have become 🧡🖤🧡🖤

Watch the video below:

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Tom on The Cube Full Episode & Pictures

Tom Abisgold on The Cube full episodeSomehow I completely missed the fact that Tom was on The Cube in December! Thanks to _.multi_.fxndom on instagram I found out.

If you haven’t seen it there is a video of the full episode below. Tom doesn’t say much but the camera cuts to him a few times. He is rocking the lockdown hair, it is the longest I’ve seen him have it since he was little.

There are screenshots from the episode in the gallery, but like I said, the full episode is below if you keep reading 🙂
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Deleted Teaser Video For Heartbreak Takeaway

deleted heartbreak takeaway videoThis video was posted for about 15 minutes and then removed. Possibly because of a picture in it that we’ve obscured before reuploading – you’ll know when you see it.

Maybe it was because of the swearing, or because the sound is slightly out of sync. What do you think happened?

This is their original description:

someone get a swear count going for this video. if this don’t put you off signing up, don’t know what will💘
heartbreaktakeaway opens this weekendddd

The video previously posted has been removed from youtube, here is their official post:

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Heartbreak Takeaway Livestream

heartbreak takeaway livestream Chapter 13 had a livestream counting down to when fans could sign up for

They played a preview of some of the content that will be posted once it is up and running. Turns out they have been recording professional videos of all of their performances since their first gig. They played that to two fans and their family, they show the video in the livestream.

You can also hear a bit of Heartbreak Takeaway playing in the background. I have been adding the lyrics to the site, but they are very incomplete. Lots of new facts, pictures, lyrics are being added to the site -but a post on the home page for each update would be spammy.

Anyway, if you missed the live stream or want to re-watch it, check out the videos below:
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Heartbreak Takeaway Teaser Videos

heartbreak takeaway teaserHaving to wait until the weekend for Heartbreak Takeaway to launch is terrible. But we can use the time to speculate on what their content will be!

Last year the boys removed all of their old videos and songs form social media. It wasn’t fun for any of the fans, but they were ready for a rebrand. From what they have said it sounds like they will be posting their old videos and songs now that we will have a separate platform for them to share it on. That means we may see the old videos come back.

They have also mentioned they will be sharing music, demos and unreleased stuff. It makes sense that they don’t want to confuse new fans by posting old songs that won’t be on the album on their main accounts. So we may finally get to hear the full studio versions of all of the songs we have been listening to through live videos!

Speaking of live videos, they shared a clip (below) of them singing Jump live at the O2. Finally a version not recorded on a mobile phone and with great sound quality! So we may be getting some well produced live videos from gigs. I can’t wait! What else do you think they will be posting?

There are a few teaser videos below, so keep reading.
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HeartBreak Takeaway Soundcloud Launch

chapter 13 heartbreak takeaway soundcloudThe boys are launching a private instagram and soundcloud account for heartbreak takeaway this week!

If you haven’t heard about it, you might be wondering how you can get access if its private. Click the picture on the left to be taken to the website where you can sign up.

You will have to place an order by using the form on to gain access to the private heartbreak takeaway instagram account and private soundcloud page,

You will also be given the option to sign up to their mailing list while you’re filling this out (it is a check box at the bottom of the form). Are you excited yet?