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Quizzes are now in the Games Section!

chapter 13 lyrics and quizzesThe games section just got a bit bigger! A bunch of quizzes have been added, try them out if you’re looking for something to do!

Let me know if you manage all perfect scores! If you share your results don’t forget to tag us. The links to the quizzes are below, but if you want to see all of the games go here.

Are you a Chapter 13 Expert?
Do You Recognize The Lyrics?
The Tom Abisgold Quiz
The Jacob Swann Quiz
The Jake Slack Quiz
The Noah Key Quiz

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Free Chapter 13 Jigsaws!

Chapter 13 JigsawsJigsaws have been added to the games section! There are six to choose from 🙂

I managed to solve the ‘At the Park’ one in just over 7 minutes, can you beat me?

I’ll keep adding more to the site to help keep us all entertained 🙂 What do you guys think about adding a guitar chords section?

Dont forget to vote in the poll in the sidebar!


Here are the jigsaws:

Chapter 13 Jigsaw
CH13 At The Park <- the harder one
Tom Abisgold
Jacob Swann
Noah Key
Jake Slack

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Chapter 13 Word Searches!

chapter 13 gameI know a lot of us are probably bored at home looking for something to do. This should keep you entertained for a few minutes!

There are four word searches in the new Games section -yep that means there are more puzzles and games on the way!

There is one of Chapter 13 themed words, one of song titles, and a third giant one to make it more challenging! The giant one is probably best run on laptops/desktops since it needs space to display.

I got this idea from WeLoveChapter13‘s post on Instagram.

Click the photo to see the word searches!