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Jake Slack

jake slackName: Jake Slack
Birthday: 7th October 2003
Star Sign: Libra
Height: 5’7″ (May 2020)
Shoe Size: U8 or 9 UK depending on the shoe
Siblings: Younger Sister
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond
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Can play piano, drums, bass, and guitar
He was the original Zack in School of Rock in the West End
Won an Olivier Award in 2017 for Outstanding Musical Achievement
Came up with the chorus for Reject, Tom filled in the verses after
Gibson Les Paul is his favourite guitar
His favourite ATL members are Jack & Alex
His Favourite songs in School of rock were Mount Rock and Stick It To The Man

Likes Beavis and Butthead

His sister has a hamster called Robbie
Prefers dogs to cats

Has said he wants to grow his hair long and dye it blue
Wears his Motorhead t shirt nearly every day
Likes orange juice with bits in it
Wants to get his nose pierced
Likes skateboarding
He prefers Pepsi over Fanta
He uses Head and Shoulders to wash his hair
His favourite clothing brand is Vans
Skate 3 and GTA are his favourite video games
He has 5 first cousins, they are all in Australia
He can do parkour
He can do a lot of accents including Yorkshire, Scottish, Cockney, Australian and North American
He is from Buckinghamshire

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